Unity in Days of Division

Asking the citizens of the great land of the United States to remain united. For peaceful discourse as this election wraps up and as we settle in to another four years with leaders barely elected. Remember that we really do need one another; burning bridges, gloating, or castigating will not help anyone or change any hearts or create any space we can build anything in. People have reasons for what they believe and accept ideologies and do what they do, even when it does not make sense to someone else. But it might take a good bit of tough listening to hear through the noise and know the heart. We need to work toward unity, not furthering the divides by pouring in salt to wounds – we need connective tissue to grow, not scar tissue. Our nation will not fail or succeed because of who is elected – it will fail or succeed because of what we as neighbors, citizens, families, friends, and acquaintances do to set aside enmity and find common ground for peace.