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If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life, I strongly encourage you to invite someone to join you. 

Simon Sinek

Starting my Xristar Designs blog site!  Blogging about ideas I had in the shower, while out on a walk, or while musing on the Scriptures. Like any of us, seeking answers to things that don’t make sense and making connections that turn the lights on.

"The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable..." Proverbs 15:2  
... And so I humbly ask for wisdom.


Linkedin.com/in/cmkellyxristar:  I have a LinkedIn presence which I use as my professional image, posting articles on Educational Design and Business as well as displaying my comprehensive work history.

Hope you find something here that promotes dialog or gets you thinking.  Feel free to reach out to me on my contacts page.

Thank You,

Christopher M. Kelly

Kelly Family Crest (Ireland)

Kelly Clan Crest (Irish)  

Motto: God is my Strong Fortress

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